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Fast, Affordable software
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We build custom software for startups and established businesses
at 1/4 the price and in 1/2 the time of traditional developers.

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Our secret Sauce: Low-Code

Low-code development involves a combination of writing custom code and using visual programming environments to build software. This approach facilitates an incredibly efficient development process while allowing limitless customizability.

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Faster, more affordable initial development

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Easier maintenance and faster iteration

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Great performance and security from the start

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Cloud Services

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What Can we build for you?

Web Apps

Create the next Zillow, Airbnb, or Costco.com

Have an idea for a web-based app? No matter the functionality, we can build it! Our apps are fully responsive from desktop to mobile and are compatible with all major browsers.

Wrapped Mobile Apps

Put your app on the app store

We can develop and launch your app on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. We can access mobile features like push notifications, camera, and more.


Eradicate repetitive tasks

We can save you hours of time by automating mundane or repetitive processes. Additionally, we can integrate with your existing data sources or platforms.

Internal Tools

Software tools that better your business

Would an internal scheduling system help you better manage your employees? What about customized sales tools? We can build internal tools that will give your business an extra boost.

Function-Filled Websites

Custom functionality for your website

Whether it's a custom checkout process or a database integration, we can add functionality that website builders can't.


Visualize the important numbers

We build custom dashboards that help you track and analyze important information. From there, you can focus on fine-tuning your business.

Don't take it from us...

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Kyle Ferguson,

Marketing Lead


Managing data center hosting services company – “Technologycal is a class apart when it comes to doing the right thing, always!” For instance,
unfailingly implementing best.

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Diane Cruz.

Head of Sales and Marketing


Leading corporate delivery systems provider – Working with Technologycal has seen us reduce our incidents tally to close to zero without production outages and our team happy for that.

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Nicholas Walsh,

Lead Designer


Partnering with Technologycal proved to be beneficial for us in every way – right from achieving and track daily deliverables, to comply with industry best practices and the solution architecture is poised to make a significant.

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